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Welcome to HiFin Technosys Limited, we provide real business solutions that provide visionary solutions for a range of industries. What makes us so different? It’s a combination of expertise, experience, software intelligence and unparalleled partnership with our clients that together, form the most unique products in the industry. We’ve been providing intelligent cost-effective solutions. Why are we successful? Because we design and provide feature-rich applications that focus on what’s important to your business; your bottom line. Innovative and distinctive, HiFin Technosys Limited excels at building relationships and delivering dependable, fully integrated and perfectly-suited solutions to its ever growing client base.

The bottom line

We’re dedicated to providing solutions that meet the challenges of the evolving market. Our vast portfolio of integrated products offer tools that will significantly improve the bottom line by providing increased productivity, savings, occupancy and revenues, while always maintaining a competitive edge.


Our focus provides us the economies of scale necessary to offer cost-effective solutions, while providing a high level of functionality, technology, value, and long-term return.

Dedication & commitment

Protecting our client’s investment in our technology is paramount and the reason we consistently make substantial investments in new product development and the rapid integration of new and emerging technologies. Our dedication, expertise and singular focuson the hospitality and retail market ensures the success of your investment.

Personalized care

We understand your success in the marketplace is a direct result of your ability to meet or exceed client expectations. We support each and every customer with distinctive and responsive 24/7 support, software upgrades and personalized training. After all, providing solutions is our business!


Training is essential in gaining the skills necessary to use our solution to its fullest potential. Increased productivity ,Increased performance and a faster return on your investment are just a few of the returns you ’ll see from our initial and continued training where you ’ll also gain new ideas for improving your policies and operations.

At HiFin Technosys

At HIFIN we are continuing our development and marketing of powerful and affordable software product and solutions for businesses in the East African market establishing HIFIN as a reputable software representing company within the region. We will at all times protect our clients’ market and pub image utilizing emerging technologies by providing range of solutions that includes Supermarket software kenya and Restaurant POS Software Kenya and protect and enhance both present and future day to day operations. HIFIN is dedicated to long-term relationships with its customers working toward becoming a client’s one-stop business solution providing software solutions to customized programming, internet and network strategy as well as a pre-consulting to tailor-made training at al ability levels.