What we provide

Apparel and Footwear

More Walk-in Customers and trending Inventory with Apparel POS
  • Liquidate stock – faster Know fast & slow/non-moving, brand/supplier wise purchase & sales
  • Expand – Multistore & Online Add stores with ease, E-commerce integration – spread your catchment area
  • Convert opportunities to sales – CRM & SMS alerts for effective promotions, offers, coupons & pricing
  • Reduce thefts & pilferage – Take stock in PDA, stock discrepancy reports, system vs physical stock & sales men
  • Optimize SKUs – Categorize products to their size, colour, material & design with matrix inventory, product-image map
  • Flexible Barcoding – Unique barcodes with secret purchase price for effective bargain control
  • Purchase and Accounting – Simplified purchase formula with discounts, taxes, freight, integrated accounts & e-filing

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