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Feedback System – eZee iFeedback

eZee iFeedback is an adaptable online feedback system for hotels and restaurants. It will tailor itself uniformly with your hotel and restaurant operations to improve overall customer service, thus giving you complete freedom on how and when to collect feedback from your clients.

Customer feedback is of vital importance for a business to be successful in the hospitality industry. Empowered with abiding elements, eZee iFeedback will give hotels and restaurants a chance to engage customers and impart better services. It will familiarize naturally with hotel and restaurant operations, enhance overall customer service, and provide a strong community for future success.

The Feedback System allows guests to send their valuable feedback from a traditional PC, tablets as well as smart phones. It is integrated with other systems from eZee and provides seamless experience to the staff as well as the guests.

The system automatically collects the various surveys and presents in humble graphics to the management.


  • if1Customizable Surveys
  • if2Comment Section
  • if7Reports & Analytics
  • if9Multilingual Feedback
  • if8Instant Alert via Email & SMS
  • if6Social Media Integration
  • if5Branding
  • if10Backup
  • if11Customizable Tabs

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