What we provide

Supermarket & Groceries

Inventory Tracking Control 100% knowledge on what is in the shop, what needs to be in the shop, and what does not
  • Use the racks, shelves and the complete shop space to stock products that are fast moving & clear out the non-moving ones, wastage and release the blocked working capital
  • Always be aware of accurate stock position – for all outlets & also individually
  • Follow the complete transaction history of any product; understand from which supplier it was purchased, at what rate and to whom it was sold at what rate
  • Any product can be sold – in bulk, loose quantities, part of a packaged kit and more. Manage different inventory and prices for them. Position and package your products based on customer needs and profit

CRM & Loyalty Pull new shoppers and keep them coming back to your store with delightful offers
  • Group customers, understand their purchase frequency and plan personalized offers. Reward them with loyalty points for every purchase made
  • Put creative ideas into practice. Choose from over 70+ offers and promotion types and keep the store buzzing with excitement
  • SMS birthday greetings and offers to customers and keep in regular touch with them. Release coupons and vouchers and get more customers even outside your catchment area
  • Direct consistent traffic to the stores during non-business/peak hours as well by configuring hourly offers and day wise offers

Security Control – Complete and effective control of your store operations

  • Authorization and access to store data is configurable role or user based. Role based access to different users like cashier, supervisor, manager & administrator is configurable. Depending on the roles, user can be configured to access specific product screens or process. Multiple levels of
IMulti Store Management – Bring all your outlets together
  • HeadQuarter (HQ) business management retail POS solution is a web-based, easy-to-use software that allows to monitor branch-wise sales, purchase, Inventory, receivables and profits etc. from a central location. Completely scalable to meet the growing needs of the retailer, clear visibility & enhance control on outlet operations
  • security with an option to set password for login or product screens is also possible