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Reseller Partnership

HiFin Technosys Limited ( Company ) shall have exclusive rights over distribution and sales of their products through a network of Partners or direct sales in any territories they deem suitable.
The company reserve the right to appoint one or more partner in a designated territory as their sole discretion without reference to the existing partner.

Any enquiries received directly by the company can be assigned to a partner at the sole discretion of the company, In the case where the client refutes to be supplied by the designated partner, the company reserve the right to pass the lead to another partner and the initially designated partner be informed in writing.
The company will periodically contact the client with various questionnaires regarding product performance and support matters.

The company is not obliged to carry out demonstration, Implementation, setup, configuration and training of our products for orders procured by the value added partner, This service is available at a cost and a charge.
Registration of potential client with the company is highly recommended so that in case of any direct enquiries by client in solicitation with partner will be passed on to the partner who makes making an effort in marketing,  in absence of an acknowledged registration,  the company will reserve a right to entertain the client directly.

1. Value Added Partner(V.A.P.)
We will appoint you as an official partner of our products and you will deal directly with your client and provide them with the following :
a. Demonstration
b. Implementation, setup, configuration, training and onsite support.
c. We will provide you with all the assistance by telephone, remote and our 24×7 live support.
d. All commercials to the client will be the direct responsibility of the V.A.P.
e. HiFin Technosys Limited will Invoice the V.A.P. directly.

Prices Include :
a. On Line and telephone support 24 x 7  for a period of 6 months thereafter subject to an Annual Maintenance Contract.
Annual Maintenance Contract is 40% ( 20% for yourself and 20% to be remitted to our head office directly ) of software cost , payable in advance.
b. Electronic Manuals.

Referral Partner
Those who want to be Referral Partners, there can be either full time or part time Partnership. They may be Software consultants. We will provide them with all kinds of support to enable them to promote our products.

HiFin Technosys Limited will provide directly to the end user
a. Demonstration.
b. Implementation, setup, configuration, training and onsite support.
c. We will provide  all the assistance to the client directly by telephone, onsite visits remote and our 24×7 live support.
d. All commercials will be handled directly by HiFin Technosys Limited  with the client / end user.
e. Commission Payment Schedule :
On receipt of advance payment from client
Balance on  payment received from client as per terms of payment agreed with client.