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Restaurant POS Software – eZee BurrP!

eZee BurrP! suffices all the tests of being an ideal restaurant POS. It operates efficiently utilizing assorted modules of operations combined with supplementary features despite the kind of your restaurant or whether your restaurant is a single store or a nationwide chain.

The Restaurant POS system offers many modules for table reservation, stock, and material management, a kitchen display system for new orders, loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, payroll, and a lot more. Additionally, the web-based reporting helps anyone keep track of all daily sales and analytics reports from anywhere in the world. Our restaurant POS software is compatible with eZee hotel PMS and can easily be integrated with it for ease of operations. It also offers complete PDA support and several third party interfaces thus helping you achieve utmost productivity at your joint.

The best part about this restaurant management system is, it costs very little to acquire and integrate. You do not have to give any specialized training to your staff or bring in any additional hardware. You can be up and running in just a few hours and that too without stopping operations or even disrupting the regular flow of business!


Choose Order Type

  • Dine In

  • Room Service

  • Delivery

  • Take Away

  • Kitchen Display System

  • Kiosk Mode



Billing Operations

  • Add/Void Items

  • Split Bills

  • Payment Preferences

Menu Management and Item Modifiers

  • Create Multiple Menus

  • Order Customization with Item Modifiers

  • Different Menus, Different Rates and Taxes



Inventory and Stock Management

  • Real-Time Inventory

  • Set Stock Levels

  • Initiate Transfer of Items

  • Inventory and Stock Rates

Enhance your Dining Experience with iMenu

  • Increase Revenue

  • Speed Up Service

  • Customize and Reorganize

  • Promote in Style

  • Customer Experience

  • Offline Mode

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Waiter/Guest Mode

  • POS Integration

  • Order/Item Remarks

  • Quick Search


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