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Retail POS Software

Retail POS Solution from HIFIN, the pioneers in retail automation. This solution delivers the breadth and depth of functionality demanded by retailers, without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and interfaces. Its unique use of a single application to cover everything from the POS terminals, store & warehouse systems, and all the functions that you would expect to find at corporate office sets our software apart from other solutions in the market.


Inventory Tracking Control 100% knowledge on what is in the shop, what needs to be in the shop, and what does not

  • Use the racks, shelves and the complete shop space to stock products that are fast moving & clear out the non-moving ones, wastage and release the blocked working capital
  • Always be aware of accurate stock position – for all outlets & also individually
  • Follow the complete transaction history of any product; understand from which supplier it was purchased, at what rate and to whom it was sold at what rate
  • Any product can be sold – in bulk, loose quantities, part of a packaged kit and more. Manage different inventory and prices for them. Position and package your products based on customer needs and profit

CRM & Loyalty Pull new shoppers and keep them coming back to your store with delightful offers

  • Group customers, understand their purchase frequency and plan personalized offers. Reward them with loyalty points for every purchase made
  • Put creative ideas into practice. Choose from over 70+ offers and promotion types and keep the store buzzing with excitement
  • SMS birthday greetings and offers to customers and keep in regular touch with them. Release coupons and vouchers and get more customers even outside your catchment area
  • Direct consistent traffic to the stores during non-business/peak hours as well by configuring hourly offers and day wise offers

IMulti Store Management – Bring all your outlets together

  • HeadQuarter (HQ) business management retail POS solution is a web-based, easy-to-use software that allows to monitor branch-wise sales, purchase, Inventory, receivables and profits etc. from a central location. Completely scalable to meet the growing needs of the retailer, clear visibility & enhance control on outlet operations
  • security with an option to set password for login or product screens is also possible



Your Expiry loss can be 0% with our Pharma POS

  • Take order & home delivery – Customer-wise product/discount mapping, auto & manual reordering
  • Increase sales with WebOrder – Online ordering for both retailer & distributor to increase sales
  • Easy & intuitive – Integrated 50,000+ drugs index, scheduled drug register, manage batch & bill from day one
  • Ensure 100% Expiry return – Automatically block drugs with shorter expiry during inward & sales & incur zero loss
  • Smart Purchase – Get recommended quantity to purchase basis previous sales data, min-max quantity & more


More Walk-in Customers and trending Inventory with Apparel POS

  • Liquidate stock – faster Know fast & slow/non-moving, brand/supplier wise purchase & sales
  • Expand – Multistore & Online Add stores with ease, E-commerce integration – spread your catchment area
  • Convert opportunities to sales – CRM & SMS alerts for effective promotions, offers, coupons & pricing
  • Reduce thefts & pilferage – Take stock in PDA, stock discrepancy reports, system vs physical stock & sales men
  • Optimize SKUs – Categorize products to their size, colour, material & design with matrix inventory, product-image map
  • Flexible Barcoding – Unique barcodes with secret purchase price for effective bargain control
  • Purchase and Accounting – Simplified purchase formula with discounts, taxes, freight, integrated accounts & e-filing


Win the E-Commerce with Fast Changing Inventory using our Electronic POS

  • Real-time sales/stock – Check the product age, margins realised post sales, total value of inventory
  • Cloud POS – Easy & quick setup, secured offline, easily scale up
  • Accurate inventory tracking – Every item tracked from purchase to sales with their serial number
  • Well linked sales process – Sales at store & delivery at WH, Integration from Quote, SO, DN & invoice
  • Service module – Increased margins with repairs & replacement business. Track job cards, warranty & resolution status
  • Convert walk-ins to sales – Record every enquiry, raise quotations, follow up with SMS alerts, offers & loyalty till sales
  • Manage uncertain prices – Protection from price drops with auto debit note to suppliers, change pricing seasonally & date wise to sell
  • Keep selling – Exchange old for new, 3rd party financing, product / item age wise sales commission, 60+ offer types


Win the changing customer trends with Personalized Fashion Retail POS

  • Toys and Baby Products – Add product and category images, age wise categorization & filters, inbuilt CRM, loyalty & offers for returning customers
  • Luggage & Bags – Size, colour, type wise categorization. Multiple & unique barcodes, item age wise pricing, salesman commissions & offers
  • Optical – Eye prescription, doctor commission, customer history with eye power, sales orders with advance and delivery notice, first time offers
  • Home decor & Furnishing – Sales order with advance, home delivery, raise ‘Purchase’ against sales orders, godown wise stock & transfers, offers to upsell & more
  • Gifts & Imitation – Matrix inventory, salesman and floor manager commission, assemble different pieces into one kit and sell customized packs, unique barcodes


Beautify your Business with Perfection, More Profit and Happy Customers

  • Increase Revenue Opportunities – Special offers, Promotional schemes, Customer detail management with family member records
  • Profit with More Walk-in – Membership management; Provision for family memberships with special rates
  • Save Time, Earn More – Scheduling appointments, mapping the employees with created appointments & perfect planning
  • Smart Employees, Great Service – Employee Vs Services mapping, efficient utilisation & Incentives for star performers
  • Know Your Customer – Perfect CRM to record your customer needs for targeted business and consultative approach
  • Know What You Spend – Service vs consumable mapping with intelligent insights on service operations by employees
  • Easy & Flexible Appointments – Manage appointments – Schedule, postpone and also cancel them with reason tracking


Handle huge Unique Inventory with More Profit and Happy Customers

  • Auto Parts & Hardware Maintain large inventory, sell in units of kgs, pieces, sq.ft, litres. Different pricing levels for same product & sell with ease
  • Books & Stationery Search books by author name, genres and track with ISBN number. Sell at book fares with SellSmart billing app
  • Pets, Sports & Games Categorize pet products as food, grooming, medicine & accessory. Age based sports & games. Sell related items


Comprehensive solution to manage your distribution business better

  • Effective Inventory Control – Efficient inventory investment, transaction level control based on individual lot or batch. Returns & expiry tracking.
  • Route map & Delivery beat – Map beat & area to customers. Get sales analysis, outstanding list & collection status. Separate delivery beats for efficient delivery
  • Area specific offers & pricing – Plan, monitor & control pricing based on region, customer group, batch or MRP, Shorter product life-cycle to keep losses at minimum
  • WebOrder online utility tool – Increased orders, improved service levels, lowers reverse logistics cost, reduce fraud & collection leakage
  • Batch wise Inventory Management – Effectively manage your incoming and outgoing stocks with sample and expiry management to ensure zero loss
  • Manage Purchase Orders – Segregate your purchase orders, reorders for different suppliers with supplier-wise order screens
  • Manufacturer-wise billing – Avoid stock confusions, bill items of manufacturers one-by-one, save more time while purchase
  • Multi-company billing – Track & bill your customers as separate entities from a single screen generating two separate bills


  • Real time data availability.
  • Complete 360 degree visibility
  • Off- Site Access Access from everywhere(From authorized PCs only)
  • Faster, easier Software Installation
  • Less money spent on computer hardware/IT
  • Easier in-store operations and customer service
  • Improved inventory control
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Link to Customer Portal
  • Better communication between stores/employees
  • Link to web Store
  • Better tracking of payments/collections
  • Easy and Quick tech support


  • User Access Management
  • Sales Orders Management
  • POS(online)
  • POS(Offline, without internet)
  • Gift Voucher Management
  • Promotions
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Goods Receipt Management
  • Merchandise Management
  • Production
  • Physical Inventory
  • Auto Stock Check
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Accounts Payables
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Financial Accounting
  • SMS Module