HiFin HR & Payroll System

Payroll Product Overview

HiFin Payroll System is Kenyan payroll software designed to efficiently process staff earnings and deductions in accordance to statutory regulations governing staff in specific regions / countries.The product is capable of generating user-defined reports as well as mandatory statutory reports as per the respective countries.It supports multiple companies giving it the flexibility to run several payroll solutions centrally for multiple organizations or groups

Manages and administers the entire Payroll and Taxation processesTracks Employees earnings, deductions and benefitsReports to Employees, Government Agencies, Accounts and ManagementManagesEmployee Costing Distribution, Banking Services, Payroll HistoryOnline verification of Data entry, data Security,Integration to General Ledger and Financial Systems (ERP)The Loans and Savings part ensures that all loans given to employees and their savings are properly tracked and reported

Payroll and HR Processing based on Kenyan standard

  • Batch Processing
  • The System supports batch transactions posting, importation and processing. This facilitates easy Batch audit, Batch importation, Batch processing and reporting of a batch of transactions
  • Ease your data entry process by simply importing all transactions generated from other sources direct into HiFin
  • Pay slips
  • Electronically send pay slips to all employees (save stationery, save the environment)
  • Support for printed pays slips in customer defined formats
  • Multi currency Support
  • Process and pay employees in unlimited supported currencies.
  • Track exchange rates with respective dates
  • Maintains exchange rate history
  • Formula Driven Transactions
  • All Transactions Definable by user

Human Resource Management

Our HiFin HR software has been designed to help you manage your employees effectively, recognizing that your people are your most valuable resource. The Human resources management module is packed full of features, yet remains simple to use, whether you are a large multi-national or a young forward-looking company.

  • Employee Information with Basic employee demographics name, address, various key dates, etc.
  • Personal file structure can be defined by user
  • Registers Employee Names (First name, Surname & Other Names)
  • Registers Employee identification number (unique identification)
  • Accommodate Various Employee key date of :
  • birth, hire , review,
  • last raise, last promotion,
  • last class change
  • termination, etc
  • One or more employee categorization fields such as department, location, region, cost centre and division.
  • Stores data about employee performance and salary reviews
  • Employee Banks Details,
  • Employee References i.e. Social security number
  • Register Employee identifications
  • Allow user to activate/deactivate employees
  • Allow importation of employee master file (bio data)

Time Management

The accurate recording of an employee’s time and movement is essential for decision making within all organisations. HiFin allows

  • A manual Time and attendance where you upload timesheet from excel
  • It also allows an intergration with Bio Metric Devices Manual
  • It is able to provide a Working time directive report With this the employer is able to allows you to easily monitor employee attendance, absence, lateness, Attendance information is provided for payroll processing, ensuring both accuracy of input and costing. Key areas covered include time and attendance recording, employee costing and flexi time work being carried out, jobs being worked on and employee movements.

This module manages the attendance of training courses – from selecting employees for the correct programme, to reserving places and making bookings. This selection is aided by the appraisal processes whereby an employee/ employer is able to identify skill gaps and mapping out the training needs for each role. Course evaluations and subsequent analysis will ensure that courses are aligned to create business benefit. This module is also an invaluable tool in cost control and budget management within any training management function.
Our Personnel Software also monitors the competencies of the workforce to ensure that the workforce profile is in line with the organizations ongoing business plans. It’s also possible from the training reports to identify suitable successors when any employee is promoted or leaves the company


Employee Self Service

HiFin Self Service is a web based modules which is integrated with HiFin Core Modules available with Leave manager and HR management modules. Employee Self-Service is a convenient and cost effective way to share information and decentralize HR practices. Helps reduce the number of routine information requests and transactions made directly to human resource personnel; it streamlines processes and improves communication across the organization.

By empowering employees and providing direct access to view and modify their own basic information or apply and view leave status on line, HR can devote more time to addressing complex employee requests and provide a higher level convenience and responsiveness to

employees with routine requests, ultimately resulting in improved employee satisfaction.

Employees can be given the opportunity to change and update his/her basic information, apply various leave and view status of leave applied, complete a pre-appraisal form or even apply for a staff loan online. In order for the HR department to keep certain information confidential HR retains full control of the features, screens and fields each employee is allowed to view or update.

Employee Self-Service also improves the flow of information throughout the organization and moralizes employees to be proactive about benefit and compensation matters.