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Cloud Restaurant POS System – eZee Optimus

eZee Optimus, an efficient and user-friendly Restaurant Point of Sale system, helps restaurateurs manage their daily activities without interruption. The restaurant POS system will allow you to give your guests a hassle-free, effortless experience while dining with you.
Suitable for any type of restaurant you own, the restaurant system will automate and simplify your operations. Manage and control the day-to-day operations of your restaurant from anywhere, anytime with the eZee Cloud Restaurant Point of Sale.

The cloud-based point-of-sale system will help you streamline your services while focusing on the customer experience. Robust features such as menu management, table reservation management and more will make your operations complex and easy to do on a daily basis.


Powerful Menu Management

  • icn_arrange_multiple_menusArrange Multiple Menus
  • icn_customize_the_menu_itemsCustomize The Menu Items
  • icn_void_menu_itemsActivate and Deactivate Items


Quick Table Management

  • icn_assign_serversAssign Servers
  • icn_table_notificationsTable Notifications
  • icn_guest_remarksGuest Remarks

Accurate Billing

  • icn_settle_receiptsSettle Receipts
  • icn_offer_discountsOffer Discounts
  • icn_levy_taxesLevy Taxes


Secure User Privileges

  • icn_create_user_rolesCreate User Roles
  • icn_grant_privilegesGrant Privileges
  • icn_track_activity_logsTrack Activity Logs

Swift Reporting and Analysis

  • icn_audit_backoffice_reportsDaily Reporting
  • icn_statistical_sales_reeportsStatistical and Sales Reports
  • icn_daily_reportingAudit and Back-office Reports


Useful Modifier Configuration

  • icn_organize_modifiersOrganize Modifiers
  • icn_map_menu_itemsMap To Menu Items
  • icn_order_customizationOrder Customization

Chain of Restaurants

  • icn_configure_manage_outletsConfigure and Manage Outlets
  • icn_one_stop_supervisionOne-stop Supervision
  • icn_regulate_user_accessRegulate User Access


Functional Order Management

  • icn_dinein_takeawayDine-in and Takeaway
  • icn_course_based_dinein_ordersCourse-based Dine-in Orders
  • icn_table_level_order_takingOptional Order Taking Measures

Convenient Templating System

  • icn_deal_with_customized_templatesMake Use of Customized Templates
  • icn_billing_made_easyBilling Made Easy
  • icn_swift_printing_operationsClear Printing Operations

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